About us

Short Profile

LARS Project GmbH will generate you the best strategies for an optimal value development of your real estate objects. As all-encompassing real estate consultants, we undertake complex tasks for owners, developers and investors and consult them in all areas concerning real estate transactions, project development and project management.

From the concept phase, through the whole developing process, to the marketing phase as well as from the first ideas of purchase and selling up to closing, we stand in your service with our well-founded knowledge and long experience.

Our main areas of competence comprise office buildings, logistic real estate objects, shopping centers and hotels, as well as supervising all types of planning.

With a strong local network and knowledge of the locations in Finland and the Baltic countries, paired with an international team from Finland and Germany, we are your specialist for the markets in the northern parts of Europe.


Our way of working

Unternehmerische Denkweise gepaart mit fachmännischem technischen und planerischen Wissen ermöglicht es uns für unsere Kunden umsichtig zu handeln und somit die optimale Entwicklung Ihres Invests zu realisieren.

Entrepreneurial thinking combined with professional technical and planning competency enable us to work in a circumspect manner for our customers, thus creating an optimized development of your investment.

We recognize potential dangers and problems in the early stages and design solutions to secure reaching the project goals.

In the context of the individual project feasibility and with constant integration of the project stakeholders, we consistently pursue a goal-oriented, pragmatic approach.

We maintain partnership and honesty with our clients and business partners and always seek to follow an open communication structure.